Driving with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Jake turned 16 years-old in January and for most kids his age that means heading down the DMV and getting a driver’s permit. Jake will take a different path to get on the road as it is necessary for him to get a specialized vehicle. These vehicles allow the driver to control the steering, accelerator and braking via joysticks. These vehicles are very expensive, well over $100,000 each.

Below is a video of our friend Patrick who lives in Maine. He drives one of these specialized types of vehicles that Jake will need to be able to hit the road. We can’t wait until Jake is driving himself, but we can’t do it without your help. We have begun the campaign to raise money to get a specialized vehicle for Jake. Our next event is the Millennium 5K 4 Jake’s Sake (6th Annual) coming up on Sunday, May 19th and we are looking for adults and kids to sign up as a runner, a walker, a virtual participant, a sponsor and a volunteer.