Making Lives Accessible!!!

What started as a team name for the MDA Muscle Walk 
in 2013, the 4 Jake's Sake Charitable Foundation has 
become an organization whose main purpose is to 
help families living with Duchennemake their
lives more accessible. Won't you 
making a tax 

4 Jake's Sake Charitable Foundation to: 

Avidia Bank 
42 Main Street, 
Hudson, MA  01749  

Or you can donate via PayPal by clicking 
on the donate button!  
Thanks so much for all your support!!

Here is the TV segment from tonight's Channel 4 news! Big Thanks to Paul Burton for running such an awesome story!!!

Posted by 4 Jake's Sake on Friday, November 6, 2015

Check out Jake and his parents Cizing it up in the Cize Infomercial! It's true anyone can dance!!!

Posted by 4 Jake's Sake on Thursday, November 5, 2015

 Jake Cizing it up with his parents!!!  
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The 5th annual
Millennium 5K 

4 Jake's Sake 
will be run on 
May 20, 2018!!!  

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Say Hello to CJ
who now has an
awesome "lift" thanks
to our our donors!!!